The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future / Kirwan Commission

Public policy resources on the education reform initiative proposed in the Kirwan Commission’s 2019 Interim Report and in the 2019 and 2020 Blueprint for Maryland’s Future legislation.

Key Resources

Kirwan Commission January 2019 Interim Report: this is the latest report which proposes systemic changes to Maryland’s early childhood, primary, and secondary education to improve education in our state.

2020 Legislation – The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (HB 1300 / SB 1000) is the legislation introduced in February 2020 to implement to Kirwan Commission recommendations

2019 Legislation – The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future (SB 1030 ) is the legislation that began initial implementation of portions of the Kirwan Commission recommendations.

MDAEYC’s position statement on the Kirwan Commission recommendations. The statement includes a detailed summary of the early childhood education provisions in the Commission recommendations.


Pep Rally to Support the Kirwan Legislation

RSVP to Pep Rally here. Meet us at 10:00 am at the House Office Building, Baden St, Annapolis. To be followed by a 12:00 hearing on the Blueprint For Maryland’s Future bill. You can come for both events or whatever part of the day you can make it. If you’re staying for both, we recommend bringing snacks for yourself.

Pep Rally Flyer

Here are some additional tips to make Monday successful: 

  • Parking
  • If you can only make the hearing:
    • It will be a quadruple hearing which is a BIG deal. It will take place in the Joint Hearing Room in the Department of Legislative Services, 90 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401. It begins at noon. 

Additional Resources

Links to additional information resources on the Blueprint legislation and Kirwan Commission recommendations: